Windows Vista Computer Needs Reload in Caledonia Michigan

A previous commercial client in Caledonia, Michigan called with an issue; her home computer could not longer get on the internet.  She had AT&T as her Internet Service Provider and everything looked ok on their end so told her to call someone to remove what was probably a virus.  When Nerd Swarm arrived onsite, her networking services had been removed, her administrative authority was not working, and her system would not load programs in regular mode. Booting into SAFE MODE allowed more services to work but performance was abysmal.  We rebooted again and ran diagnostics.  Hard health was ok so we went back into SAFE mode and attempted a system restore to prior to when the networking issue started;  40 minutes later, system restore had not completed…at this point, we decided to reload Vista, patch, activate, transfer data and reload program.  Another success story but this time, it took longer than what was expected.  Onsite for almost 3 hours, charged the client only for 2!

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